NYS Ammo Buyer Form

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NOTE: This is for auction buyers ONLY who have ONLY PURCHASED AMMUNITION or Muzzle loading firearms. (no other modern firearms). Please note this form can only be completed AFTER you successfully purchase only ammunition or muzzle loader firearms at auction.

This is for buyers who are picking it up in person. If you purchased any OTHER FIREARMS that require Federal paperwork, please do not fill out this form you must fill out a 4473 in person with an appointment.

  • When you complete this form, you must WAIT for Hessney Auction to contact you once the check is completed- this is not instant.
  • Please provide the best phone and email to reach you at.

Transaction type:

  • Ammunition
  • Muzzle loader
  • Both
    • If you purchased ANY OTHER firearm that has a BOOK NUMBER at the end of the description you CAN NOT FILL OUT THIS FORM.
Full Name
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Place of Birth:

U.S Citizen:
(Full number is required via NYS background check)
Not everyone has one, if applicable enter.
Please remember, this form is only valid online if you only purchased non-federal paperwork firearms. It will only be good for NYS ammunition or NYS muzzle loading background checks for one invoice. Please do not make an appointment via Shipping Saint if you are filling out this form, we will contact you when the check is completed.